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Continuing sports after a tear

Question: Continuing sports after a tear


I practice the art of Capoeira. Capoeira is an art that combines fight and dance and hence require flexibility, strength and a lot of gymnastic abilities as it includes performing cartwheels, bridges, handstands and flips.

I am 25 years old, 6"43 (1m96) and 185 pounds. I started to practice Capoeira at the age of 21 and faced a lot of difficulties squatting down, going up quickly and performing high kicks. 2 years later I became more interested in stretching and in strength training. I started performing more stretches and almost a year ago I started strength trainings that included body weight conditioning, kettlebells and a lot of squats. A while later I started feeling pain in my knees to the extent I couldn't go down the stairs properly. I went and checked out my knees and after the X-RAY the doctor said I had PFS. I started physiotherapy session to strengthen my quads and stretch my hamstrings things went well. After feeling a bit better I went back to training and while I was sprinting once I felt the same all over again. Went into physiotherapy again and after feeling much better went to train and while I was sitting on my ankles during the stretching routine after the workout while I was standing I felt the same pain all over again. This is when I stopped all activities and only did physiotherapy and stretching.

Almost a month ago, I stopped feeling pain in my knees and I went back to training. While I was giving a Capoeira class that I included a lot of squats in it I felt my the same pain in my knee. One day later it was swollen and it was full of water.

Since I was abroad I couldn't go to see a doctor so I decided to REST and ICE it everyday. My knee is better now and I don't feel a lot of pain.

2 days ago I went and performed and MRI and the results showed that I I have a "degenerative horizontal tear of posterior horn of medial meniscus" in my right knee and a "moderate chondromalacia patella" im both knees.

I know that many athletes suffer from such problems, however they are ATHLETES. Taking into consideration the fact that I started sports at a late age and the fact that I want to continue Capoeira and I want to build a career for myself I would like to know if it's possible for me to do that (i.e.: continue training, do flips once I become ready, etc) and if it is what should I do to strengthen my body and prevent the growth of the tear as it is quite small and my doctor didn't recommend surgery.



the CP is from abnormal tracking of your patellae. Your physio has probably talked to you about this. Has he taped your knees? I use kinaesiology tape which I find gives much better results and is better tolerated than traditional sports tape
As for the medial meniscus tear, you need to consult an orthopaedic surgeon. If it's a large tear it could be stitched up. The bad news about the meniscus is that it has a relatively poor blood supply. you need to get the ortho's opinion, but unless that can heak successfully you won't be able to do deep squats or any squats under heavy loads
Good luck
John Stapledon


If you have an injury, you should first get over that injury with proper treatment and full rest and then you can continue with your sports form.


I had surgery to repair 3 tears in right knee about a year ago- surgery went well and rehab seemed to do well. However I still do not have my running capability back and suffer weakness when I first stand and now my left knee is weaker and it starts to hurt after a certain amount of exercise.
any suggestions?