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Constant thumb pain

Question: Constant thumb pain

I have developed over the last 3 weeks a weird pain in my left thumb. It started as just a niggle, but has got to a stage now, when I get to the top of my backswing I get a sharp pain running through my thumb and hand, there is no swelling at all, but I cannot stretch my thumb away from my index finger like I can on my right hand without it involving a certain amount of pain. I'm also finding it difficult to grip things like full coffee mugs and my laptop with this hand.

I have got a wrist support and have taken some pain killers, I know the doctors will just say to rest it, so I was wondering if anyone else has had similar symptoms and if so how could I go about trying to repair the damage.



just recently i fell during dance and had really bad pain on and just below my thumb. i got x rays and when a radiologist did a wet read they detected nothing. the next day i went to an orthopedic surgeon and found out i fractured my scaphoid. i am now in a cast for 8-12 weeks. depending on how the pain started you could have the same injury. i recommend going to an orthopedic surgeon.