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Constant Posterior Tibial Pain - Post Healed Stress Fractures

Question: Constant Posterior Tibial Pain - Post Healed Stress Fractures

I began “running” in Spring 2007. I had been running 35-40 miles weeks consistently for about 5 months gradually building for races until Chicago Marathon 2007.

While training for Chicago, I began getting pain in my Tibia (posterior). It would flair up at the beginning of a run then subside as I ran through. Usually the pain would return several hours to a day after the run. I ran through this pain for about 8+ weeks until I physically couldn’t run through the pain, about 6 weeks out from the marathon. I cross trained and still ran the marathon but performed horribly.

4-5 months later after several attempts to get back into running I got MRI’s that showed two stress fractures in my tibia. That was in May 08’.

It has been well over a year, since fractures have technically healed and over two years since I’ve run more than 15 miles in a week. I can’t get more than 10-15 a week in without my leg hurting. It never hurts during the run, just hours and days after. Back to back days are a guaranteed pain.

I’ve been to two PT’s. One told me I had an old tear in my soleus that he worked and to run through the pain. The other had me do workouts and stretches for my soleus. Lots of stabilizer type exercises. A Sports Medicine Doctor just told me to rest and take NSAI’s for the pain. I’ve tried multiple shoes including recently Newtons (which I love), but can’t get get rid of the pain. I ice after runs. I massage. One thing I notice is when standing now, my injured leg supinates.

I will continue my desperate search for answers. Any feedback would be much appreciated.