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Complete ACL tear with partial meniscular tear.should i go for the surgery?

Question: Complete ACL tear with partial meniscular tear.should i go for the surgery?

I am 19 years old engineering student. My Anterior Crutiate Ligament is torn completely.And there is a Grade 2 torn(partial) in the meniscus of tibia.This happenned while playing soccer during a misplaced tackle.

Though sports is not my profession,i am an active person.I like jogging very much.

Considering the risks of secondary meniscular injuries,should i opt for the ACL reconstruction surgery?And also under how many weeks after the accident,should i have the surgery,if i have any?

Please help.
Thank you.


This is all depends on your particular situation such as activity levels, insurance, availability to have surgery, etc. You should definitely know your options and discuss with your doctor pros vs. cons of doing a conservative approach as opposed to surgery. Running without ACL in a straight line wont be a big problem but you will not be able to do sudden change of directions without pain.

If you do decide to do surgery make sure that you pick a top notch surgeon in your area because you don't want to do all over again. Typically if you do elect surgery you need to wait a few weeks for the swelling and inflammation to calm down before the surgery will take place.


Thanks stefan for the answer.

I meant that if i have the proximity to the best surgeon available and no issue of insurance, then is it ok for me to opt for surgery even if i can manage the rest of my life without active sports as i m not a professional sportsperson?

I have already gone under 2 months of conservative treatment.Please tell me the sideeffects of this surgery even if the surgery is almost cent percent successfull.I m also worried about the secondary tear of the tibial meniscus if i dont opt for the surgery.

Please Help
Thank You


Speaking from experience (meaning: complete ACL - LEFT knee - reconstruction, partial ACL tear - RIGHT knee, pending complete ACL - RIGHT knee - reconstruction). I will be having my ACL surgery actually in less then 7 days. I am injury prone.

The biggest "side effects" are swelling, muscle atrophy and loss of range of motion. All of which can be completely recovered in 4-6 months. Most of the daily function can be recovered by week 2 or so. This entails walking with a slight limp without assistance of a crutches or knee immobilizer. Typically doctors say that you can return to full activity by 4 months but most therapists will say at least 6 to 9 months. This varies from a person to person.

I think for me its worth while to get the surgery ensuring a possibility of participating fully in sports or other physical activities without fear of pain or further damage to the knee. I am way too active to limit myself by something like this injury. If you choose surgery then I would suggest of getting autograft from the patella as opposed to hamstring or allograft. But this all depends on the doctor and his/her approach. Talk to a doctor and see what the best course of action is for you. Goodluck.


Thanks for the advice.
I have opted for the surgery.
Hope evrything goes fine.
Goodluck to you and happy new year.