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Chronic Achilles Tendon

Question: Chronic Achilles Tendon

I have been suffering from achilles tendon problems for the last 8 years. I played football but in the end I had to retire as I couldn't stay fit or train properly with the injury.
It is my left achilles and I have the following issues.
I have a tight soleus,on the left, an ache in my lower back on the left could be related. Not sure.

I am a bit inflexible, but some therapists reckon this will not aid it enough.
Would pilates/yoga be a good start or can anyone else direct me?
I am based in Ireland



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Let me preface that I am not a medical professional,and offer only samaritan suggestions which I gained through personal painful experience which may prove beneficial. Only you can know what help your body.
Almost 30 years ago I severely damaged the Achilles tendon and all the ligaments in the foot & ankle-according to the physical therapist. The therapist said that,after injury,the Achilles tendon has a tendency to "shorten up", and needs to be stretched at least monthly, or as necessary.
*I've found that when I've forgotten to do the stretches for a few months,it affects the mobility of the foot/ankle. The tightness extends to the soleus,up the Biceps Femoris, through the Gluteus Maximus, into the Lattissimus Dorsi and the Teres major muscles. If the stiffness is not relieved through stretching and/or exercise, the muscles will tend to spasm; which takes a much greater effort to undo than if the problem was addressed earlier. I feel that your left lower back pain could be related to the Achilles tendon/tight Soleus muscle problem.
The stretches are simple. Stand facing the wall with arms extended and palms flat on the wall,feet together. Keep you left foot[the one you need to stretch]flat on the floor; move your right foot about 1/2 the distance to the wall and bend your right knee while similtaneously bending both arms at the elbow - much like doing a vertical pushup. Keep you left leg straight and foot flat on the floor. GENTLY AND SLOWLY bend your arms and you right knee while noting the stretch on your left Achilles tendon.
Depending on the severity, it may take several once/day stretch sessions to intitially loosen the muscles and tendons. You will feel what works for you. Again: Stretch slowly and gently, as you do not want to traumatize what is already under stress.
Hope this is of help to you.