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Chest Injury

Question: Chest Injury

Good day, 2 months ago, while carrying out a strength training program for my chest, I injured my right pectoral muscle. The pain was present in the tendon that connected my right chest to my right bicep. I was not sure if it was my pectoralis major or minor that was hurt. I rested it for a month and resumed my training at a lower intensity.

My chest did not show any problems initially, however, after 2 weeks of training, it began to hurt again. I was able to determine the location of the pain, a sharp pain near the armpit, in the side of the pectoral muscle. I am able to do weight repetitions of 10 - 12 reps fine, but when I increase the weights to progress into more intensive strength training ( 4 - 6 reps ), the pain becomes too intense and I have to stop.

I would like some advice on which muscle is injured, and how I would be able to treat it. ( apart from RICE )