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Can I play Rugby again?

Question: Can I play Rugby again?

Any advice appreciated!
I either tore or partially tore my anterior cruciate ligament playing rugby maybe 4 years ago. The diagnoses was from a physiotherpist who did manual tests. Unfortunately due to work commitments extensively abroad and my own ineptitude I never managed to get it sorted properly i.e. never had an op or pursued a proper muscle rehab course.

Now several years later having had pretty much no treatment or advice I am happily able to play sports such as squash full on with no pain, I have always been active since the injury, weight training and thai boxing. The only problems I am noticing more and more are a bit of stiffness at times and a loose feeling but no giving way.

The physio originally said because of the weakness of the muscle on the inner thigh the patella was not running in the correct groove and that is why there is a slight click every time I bend my knee. Given strength training the muscle may comeback (it still hasn't - there is still a noticeable size difference between knees above the knee joint) and the clicking disappear.

If I am able to do the strengthening do you think that I can return to playing rugby without any surgery bearing in mind my current highly active lifestyle? I am 29 and don't want any problems down the line and would love to play contact sport again i.e. rugby

Sorry if this is all covered elsewhere (or a bit garbled)! Just found the site, any advice highly appreciated, thanks