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Breaking Down Scar Tissue

Question: Breaking Down Scar Tissue

I just found a big hunk of scar tissue in my left quad. I think it is inhibiting performance gains and therefore an imbalance in my length strength as well as IT band irritation.

I am looking into DIY modalities that will break it down. I have been to many different physio therapists and it seems that they will put the 3 (ultra sound, interferential, and tens) machines on tell me to stretch and go easy for almost every injury I have had. I can do this myself.

I have read about.
Cross stitch massage is of interest but it seems counter intuitive to ice before and heat after.
Ultra Sound is reputed to break up scar tissue but what I have just read sounds like ice and heat will do the same.

I am not opposed to buying a home machine if it will be more effective in the long term. In reviews it seems that people are primarly buying Ultrasound machines for various pain(s).

Any advise is greatly appreciated.

Dustin Anderson


Dear Dustin,
Scar tissues are formed after surgery or injuries. These tissues are less flexible than normal tissues. I would say one of the best ways to reduce their tightness is Myofacial release with a foam roller. You can do this yourself everyday as part of your cool down and even as a warm up before going on your bike to prevent further injuries. The myofacial release can be done for ITband and quardiceps, just google it to see how. It's better to have pictures or videos than written explanation.


thanks Negar.