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Baseball arm trouble!!! Please! Please! Please! help!

Question: Baseball arm trouble!!! Please! Please! Please! help!

please help me, I have a chance to get a scholarship for pitching in college. I played summer baseball and had to stop for about a month and get sinus surgery. I came back and immediately started pitching again and my arm felt weird the first time. I came back out to throw and had a tremendous amount of pain in my shoulder near the pec. I began going to therapy and got an MRI which said it was a tendon strain. i rehabbed for about 3 months until starting to throw again. they did something called tendon releases on my arm which made it feel great. when baseball practice rolled around, I started throwing off the mound, and it just does not feel the same. I used to be able to hit 88 on the gun and now I'm throwing about 75-80 mph. It feels as if somebody took my tendons from my shoulder and pinned back to my shoulder blade. It feels extremely tight in the back of my shoulder and the front. I feel like I have no mobility. They say its tightness and irritation in my capsule. I stretch at least 30 minutes before i throw off the mound. I'm desperate, please somebody tell me how I could fix this. We start playing in about 2 weeks. I really need to throw with my full potential to have a chance for a college scholarship.


Try having trigger point dry needling to the latissimus muscles. You should be stretching every day not just before you play. Hold your stretches for at least 2-5 mins each. Do full range elevation/depression and protraction and retraction against light resistance like a light rubber tubing. Try and get your movement smooth and rhythmical in front of a mirror, going through the full range of the movement.