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Ballet dancer in stuttgart, have an injury in ankle, seen many docs noone seems to solve it. Please I need help!!!!

Question: Ballet dancer in stuttgart, have an injury in ankle, seen many docs noone seems to solve it. Please I need help!!!!

I am a ballet dancer, still student, living in stuttgart. I am in the John Cranko ballet academy. I come from Italy and I studied in La Scala ballet school for three years. I've been having a problem in my ankle for two and a half months now, and none of the doctors or physiotherapists I've seen, seem to actually now the exact problem. Everyone has their own theory!! I've done MRI, X-ray, and ultra sound scans and I don't have anything irregular, except for the an over stretch in the ligament in the front part of the foot, which is normal for a dancer, as in pointe or demi pointe you need a stretch in the ligament to stretch full out!
I've been told it is an impingement, with an inflammation, so I did traumeel injections, laser therapy but it still hurts. It like clicks and gets locked sometimes, but other times stretch it and I feel no pain. In the MRI there are no alterations in the tendons or ligaments, and in the x ray (in demi pointe lateral) there is space for my foot to stretch in pointe. So why does it hurt?
Please, i need a good doctor to help me, if you know anyone in Germany, or Italy who knows exactly what to do, plkeas please let me know!!!!
Thank you soooo much,


Dear Jennifer
Im a Contemporary dancer studying at a University in Vancouver B.C. Canada. I have had problems with my ankle for many years. Including unusual stiffness in the joint and regular pain in the surrounding muscles. I went to many of physiotherapists and none of them could diagnosis my injury. After consulting one physio She decided to attempt to improve the pain my increasing the mobility of the joint. Twice a week she spent time doing manipulation therapy on the joint. After a couple of weeks the pain got much worse I wasn't able to dance and tendonitis flared up in the front of my ankle. She stopped treatment and controlled the tendonitis however I had great amounts of pain still remaining in the area. I stopped dancing. After my semester ended I went back home for a few weeks and saw a physiotherapist at the University of Alberta. He diagnosed that the problem with my ankle wasn't a lack of mobility but actually a lack of strength. The small stabalization muscles surrounding my ankle joint weren't strong enough so the talus "heel bone" was sliding forward out of alignment. causing pain. He claimed to have seen many injury's similar to this...Stiffness not always being a symptom and pain appearing in different areas. Ask your physiotherapist to examine the the mobility of your ankle forward and back in the joint to see if it is hypermobile. Although the mobility has not increased the pain has gotten much better.
Good luck!