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Back of Leg Burning/Numbness Pain

Question: Back of Leg Burning/Numbness Pain

Quickly, I would like to just say I play goalie in pickup hockey.

I only play pickup hockey once, sometimes twice a week, and yesterday (Feb 3) I had went into the splits to make a save. My leg right away had a sharp pain, but then went away, but about 2 minutes later I did the same save, and the rest of the night I couldn't skate around or use my left leg as good. I could still go into the butterfly and get up, but it got to the point where when I went into the butterfly, I would stay in it (along the goal-line) until the puck got cleared out, and I would use the net and my RIGHT leg to stand up.

Today is Feb. 4, and I can still feel the burning/numb feeling in my left leg only, and it is on the posterior (back) of my leg and feels like just under my buttocks and above the knee (butt and knee not affected though, just the muscle). Could this be a tear or anything serious? Please let me know asap for I am playing again tonight and I don't want to do anything serious to it because I have rugby conditioning and soccer starting next week.