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Elbow swollen while weight lifting

Question: Elbow swollen while weight lifting

Hi there, I have been working out in the gym for 20 days now, and I can notice that a small part about 3inches is swollen below my left hand elbow, while I am working out for biceps & triceps, the swollen part is not like mucsles, not painful, but noticeably swollen, it's like filled air or water inside, and after few minuts when I am done, it used dissapear. I am not lifting havey weights, since I am a skinny and weight gainer, I am 27 years old, I remember when I was 10, my left elbow was injured once I felt down on the groung whil playing football, and it took more than six months to recover. ever since up to now there was no problem with my hand, I guess I would have not noticed unless I statrted weight lifting, can anyone give any advise about this, because I am hasitating to go to gym and thinking that it can cause a serious problem thank you


Hi, sorry for the late reply. I've put this on our Twitter page also.

Good luck with your recovery and if you are worried speak to a trainer at the gym, they may be able to advise some alternative strength training exercises that won't cause your injury to become worse.