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Is anyone aware if there is a differentiation for exercise prescription between a Total Hip Replacement or a Hip Resurface?

Question: Is anyone aware if there is a differentiation for exercise prescription between a Total Hip Replacement or a Hip Resurface?

I understand the exercise prescription for hip replacement but was wondering whether these remained the same for hip resurfacing. Not sure if Faras Haddad is till on the advisory board but he operated on my sister!


If you exercise with bad diet it is like running your car with sand in the oil. The most important thing for good healing is a very healthy diet. An absence of bad foods is only the first step. The proper balance of good healthy nutrient dense food is the next step and then lifestyle balance is the last step on the ladder to good healing. 1- Cut out all refined foods; Sugar, flower of any kind, chocolate, coffee, sodas especially diet drinks, all artificial sweeteners, alcohol, tobacco, ice cream, and processed meats. 2- Eat more veggies. You need to eat 60% of your diet vegetables, 20% fruit, 10% starch, 10% protein. Just think three times more vegetables than starch and protein combined. Get a diet scale and weigh out your food for three days and you will get a visual as to how much veggies that is. Salad should be your main dish. The American diet has been just the opposite for years and look where it has got us. It is only hard at first. I know I have taken away all the, "good stuff", but let me tell you, I have never tasted anything that tastes better than feeling good feels! 3- 99% of all patients that I have seen are moderately or very chronically functionally dehydrated. Start drinking 8oz of water every waking hour of the day minimum. Get in bed by 10 to10:30pm. Don't eat 3-4 hrs before bed. 4- The same exercises are good for both surgeries. Let pain tell you how hard and how long to go. It is best to not use pain pills when exercising. Avoid sharp pain, dull achy pain is OK. Do some aerobic on exercise bike, build up your intensity & duration, as it feels good. The longer you eat well, you will be able to exercise more and not exacerbate your problems. Most failed surgery is from bad diet not bad surgeons. Keep in touch. Healthdoc55


There's a big difference between hip resurfacing and THR. Weight bearing at full weight will be slower with the resurfacing. Lots depend on age and pre op fitness. Id suggest the aim is similar but the speed of rehabilitation and exercise programme should be bespoke for the individual. Recipe treatments are the cause of all problems. I see the problem all too frequently on this site where people suggest they had the same problem an hence here is the answer. Everyone is very different. Get advice from a good therapist with an excellent history in sport specific rehab. Fares Haddad is someone I work with regularly and the appropriate surgeon is always worth researching rather than going on strangers recommendations.