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Any advice for Knee Pain on the outer side of the knee?

Question: Any advice for Knee Pain on the outer side of the knee?

Hi everybody. I was wondering if anybody could help me or offer a bit advice regarding my injury.

I've been suffering with knee pain (on the outer side) for roughly 6 months now. The problem occurs after a few minutes into the run and gradually gets worse forcing me to completely stop. The pain usually lasts for an hour or two after and then it's gone. But if I were to run the next day, the pain would come sooner in the run. Inbetween runs, I would feel no pain, I would stretch regularly and feel fine.

The problem first originated at the end of a marathon I did in October. I was planning on taking a 2-3 week break anyway and when I came back to running again (~5 miles), I felt the pain at the end of the run. I put it down to rustiness and ran again about 3 days later with a longer run (about 8 miles) and completely broke down. I took the the rest of November and Christmas and much of January off and gradually started again. I ran for about 2/3 days a week (~5 k), compared to the 6 days a week I used to do and felt no effects. When I increased the training to 5 days, I felt it immediately hit during a run and have not run since (about 7 weeks ago).

I'd also like to point out I get the pain if I'm walking for long periods too or on my feet all day at work. Pain also occurs if I'm sitting for long periods (like at the cinema).The full pain occurs at only the slightest extension of my knee. So I have to keep my leg in a locked position to keep the pain away. Usually a nights sleep cures this but I still know the injury is there. However, the most confusing thing is that I still play 5 a side football on astro turf and feel absolutely no pain whatsoever. Not even any after effects the following day. This is the only exercise I do now.

If this helps, my old training program involved hill running around a small park, rougly about 1.5 miles long. I used to do laps going in an anti-clockwise fashion.

p.s. I do have an appointment to see an orthopaedic surgeon next week, just looking for an opinion before I go in blind.

p.p.s. I'm dreading it!!

Looking forward to your responses.
Many thanks,



Hi Ken and welcome to the site. I've posted your question to our Facebook and Twitter groups. To get more answers to your question, you may also be interested in posting in the sports injury section of our sister site, Peak Performance - here's the link:
Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


From @alophysio via Twitter: 'in short: 1. Shoes that maintain arch height, 2. Strengthen glute & VMO muscles, 3. Keep quads/ITB supple, 4. See a physio.'

and this from @DrJustinRoe, 'Ken has Patellofemoral Syndrome. Read more : and do not rely on Surgery'


Thanks for the quick response Michael, i'll look this stuff up. To be honest I thought it was going to be something common like runner's knee but i'll look into this also.
Much appreciated.




Sounds like Iliotibial Friction syndrome to me: tight TFL muscle can cause this, this can be caused by disfunction of your pelvis. You might want to check your feet. Do you have hyperpronation? if so, go for insoles.

My advise: see a registered chiropractor with a good reputation. He should be able to help you with your problem!

Good luck