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Ankle injury - Peroneal inflammation?

Question: Ankle injury - Peroneal inflammation?


Currently recovering from a shoulder sports-injury which has limited me to lower body workouts. Been carefull with balance of workouts so as not to overtrain but workouts are focused on Body Weight unilateral lower body training and spin biking on my ergo road bike.
Typical musc endurance session:

Multiplane lunges x Body weight squats
SL (single leg) stork to high knee X SL isometric squat with band c/l leg pushout
Lateral X-Band walks (glute med)
TVA alt leg raises

I am a surfer and personal trainer and work alot on balance/proprioceptive work to compliment my sports.

Had to walk to about 2 hours the other day in a pair of nike zooms (not my usual running asics and i dont usually do alot of walking - usually cycle on raod bike), after the walk felt real pain on lateral aspect of left ankle, radiating a cramping sensation into inferior lateral (underneath outer portion) side of foot and along lateral (outside edge) side of foot. No acute obvious injury, just the walking...

I work the peroneals fairly intensively as stabilisers for my workouts but have had no previous injury. Myofascial rolling is usually part of my programme but i have not been able to do this on the foam roller with my shoulder being out of action...

So, i iced, massaged with tennis ball on underside of foot and stretched soleus/gastrocs over last 5 days. Still a cramping sensation under foot and ankle not happy by pain on lateral aspect if i need to balance on that single leg (i.e. putting shoes on etc) - indicates to me the peroneals or peroneal tendons are not enjoying having to work to stablise the medial-lateral movement of ankle...

Anyone have any thoughts on best treatment? I am continuing to do my workouts for sanity reasons although i am not working on single leg to minimise the peroneal involvement, plus i am doing my spinning... Ive been given the ok to begin running with shoulder movement but have not started this as yet due to the ankle



I've had 4 Peroneal Tendon reconstructions and the best advice I have to give is light stretching, ICE, and building up the calves. I've also gotten good New Balance with arch support and they've been a life saver.


as a temporary solution, try a 5mm heel raize.
Also try when streching the gastrocs, rolling the foot slightly to the outside, keep the heel down and lean into the calf strech against a wall.
perhaps, as per previous suggestion, a slightly stronger - ie: anti-pronation shoe, may help.
If not, then perhaps its time for a Podiatric Biomechanical assessment.

Iain Johnston