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Ankle Injury

Question: Ankle Injury

I play alot of netball, and soccer at school, 5+ times a week. About 3 weeks ago, i was at netball training, i jumped, landed on my right foot hard, and as i landed i felt something...crack isnt the right word, but whatever it was it hurt ALOT. I decided to ignore it, thinking it was nothing...did RICE when i got home.BUT..
BUT since then i have run alot, more than 3 km every day almost, done school cross country(lots of hills) and continued playing soccer. I've been getting it strapped and restrapped every 3-4 days so i can keep playing on it, the strapping method is called a full ankle lock, it stops my ankle from moving much.
Every time i run my ankle hurts really bad, swells and swells, so i RICE it,
but now my shins have constant pain as well as my knee.

I talked to some people who said it could be damage to supporting ligaments?

Just wondering what opinions were before i go to the physio?

23/5- Played a quarter(10 mins) of netball last night, came off in agony.
Please dont just view the thread guys, i need your help even if its just uneducated opinions!!