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Adductor strain

Question: Adductor strain

I'm an avid weightlifter and have been training for quite awhile, I noticed one day when I was doing squats I had a terrible pain in my upper hamstring/lower left glute area. It gets twice as worse whenever I do lunges or when I get into the runners stretch position, I'm pretty sure it's my adductor magnus. Im streching it 3x a day and doing isometric exercises for it, I've also just began icing it for 15 mins per day. It's been bothering me for about 2-3 weeks now. Should I hold off on my leg training for awhile? what else should I be doing to make it heal faster? Is it just a tight muscle? I noticed when I do 4-5 sets of squats it hurts at first but then it just goes away, but then 1-2 hours after the workout it throbs pretty bad. What could it be?


I wish I could help, I am in the same boat hurt my leg in the exact same spot pitching. It has been about 6 months and I have had little progress. I suggest seeing a doctor and setting up an mri.