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Acute muscle pain in right pectoral and under right shoulder blade which is severe when taking a deep breath.

Question: Acute muscle pain in right pectoral and under right shoulder blade which is severe when taking a deep breath.

I have been circuit training for 2 years with great results. Some of you may know the Shaun T Insanity workout. High intensity circuit training using only body weight. I do this mon-fri with weekends off. I have taken the following supplements everyday: 1000mg Glucosamine, cod liver oil, calcium, and multivitamins. After every workout I have a protein shake and I eat healthily. I am 38 years of age.

Recently I woke and stretched and felt a pain in my back under my right shoulder blade. I couldnt train, so I took a week out. I returned to training and the workout felt good. This workout consisted of a lot of plyometrics and push ups. An hour later my back was throbbing and when I took a deep breath my right pectoral muscle had a stabning shooting pain in it close to tue armpit.
I saw a physio and received acupuncture and some stretching exercises. 3 weeks layer I returned to training and exactly the same thing happened. Help. I love my training but even when I just do cardio training. Running anf jumping with no plank or pushups I still get this pain. Does anybody know what it is and how I can fix it?


Obviously without physical examination I cannot give you the exact answer to your problems but from the nature and location of pain it could be a number of things.

The pain with breathing suggests there could be a complication with breathing mechanism; so look into rib misalignment (particularly 1st rib) or even strain of intercostal muscles as both of these will classically cause pain on deep breathing.

The fact you mention pain near to the arm pit makes me think perhaps it could be Acromioclavicular joint pain (if you find your collar bone and follow it all the way to your shoulder you should be able to feel where it attaches to the top of shoulder blade).

As a chiropractor those are the areas I would be examinaing along with neck and thoracic mechanics. I hope this was of help to you


Sounds like a torn intercostal muscle, this can happen from a sudden stretch or receiving a hard strike to rib area.

An intercostal muscle can be in fact be more painful than a broken rib, similar pain symptoms can occur while putting your car into reverse gear on a stick shift, or leaning on the sink while brushing your teeth etc.

Use Ice on the effected area and then heat using a hot water bottle, all injuries are 6 weeks, keep in there. Tony