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ACL,PCL, LCL and foot drop

Question: ACL,PCL, LCL and foot drop

Dear All,
I played soccer 7 weeks ago, injured my right knee very badly, last week i did the second mri, it is confirmed that my ACL, PCL, and LCL is torn completely, i also have damaged the peroneal nerve that resulted foot drop, i am going to do the reconstructive surgery next week.
Any body have any idea that what can i expect the outcome of the operations. the doc says that i would never be 100% normal. he said i can only look forward to normal daily chores and maybe light jog.
The peroneal nerve is not completely torn, from the mri it just shows that the nerve still have some swelling on it. Have anybody recovers from this kind of foot drop injury? the foot drop is the one that really worries me, i am a pilot and if the foot drop is not resolved i definitely going to lose my job. where can i have the best people to correct my peroneal nerve injury?