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ACL replacement recovery

Question: ACL replacement recovery

I am getting surgery on the 29th of December for my knee. I injured it when a horse I was riding reared up and flipped over on my leg, hyper extending my knee. I was originally diagnosed with just severe bone bruising, but my mom demanded an MRI and there was a signigicant amount of blood in the tibial plateau but my patella was displaced 3 cm medially and the patellar ligaments stretched, my acl was ruptured, and my medial meniscus is torn. I put off surgery to finish the rodeo season but it is getting very painful to ride, so Im looking forward to the surgery. There is the Equine Affaire in Los Angeles at the end of January and I was wonderin how soon people were doing weight bearing and their recovery time. My ortho says that I cant ride for 6-8 weeks post op and then I cant gymkhana (western riding speed events) for 8 months due to the possibility of hitting a barrel or pole at a high rate of speed with my knee. I am also wondering if people come back 100%? Thank you to all for your time.


One of my players had his ACL recon three months ago. He is now pain free and has full ROM and is starting to build up the strength. He went out for a skate a couple of weeks ago, which went well. We're now working on building up the muscle bulk and I anticipate that he will be back in training in another two to three months.

I have another player who had the same op several years ago. He didn't wait long enough and now has to wear a leg brace everytime he steps out on to the ice.

Don't rush back into things because it will make it worse in the long run. Follow the advice of your surgeon and therapists to the letter and you will be back to full activities within about 6 months.


Hi there, I saw this and thought I would post for anyone else who is having similar. My wife had almost the same as this and has now made a full recovery. You need to make sure you rest, in fact the recovery is almost as important as ther surgery. John, UK Wikaniko Distributor | Eco Products