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ACL Rehabilitation - fluid, popliteus spasm, stiffness

Question: ACL Rehabilitation - fluid, popliteus spasm, stiffness


I ruptured my ACL, tore my meniscus and sprained my MCL to my left knee playing Rugby. I had an arthroscopy to remove the impinging ACL and repair the cartilage. I then had a full month to get my knee strong before the full ACL reconstruction (hamstring graft).

I followed all protocol to the letter though throughout 5 things still persisted (even though im now 5.5months down the line) and im really worried these will remain regardless of the work im putting in to rehab:

1. The knee is still stiff and there is still a dull ache if left in the same position for a while (including standing for a given period)

2. When stretching the gastrocnemius i feel quite sharp pain in the front of my knee and shin. As an aside the incision scar doesnt move from the bone (despite initial sports massage work to remove scar tissue here)

3. The back of my knee goes into spasm (i think its the popliteus) everytime i try to push flexion e.g. leg press, one leg squats.

4. My knee has to lock out a lot and cracks on full extension (my physio said this could be the popliteus

5. I still have a fair bit of fluid on my knee. Some days its not too bad, others (particuarly after exercise) its bad, i do ice it but it happens everytime.

Any help would be much appreciated on how to resolve these issues as i was a National 2 rugby player and the fact im not playing or even able to run for more than 5mile is soul destroying.