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Abdominal and groin pain. What can be the cause?

Question: Abdominal and groin pain. What can be the cause?

I have a client who presents with abdominal pain on the Right side only, and groin pain on the right side only. He has had a Right knee replacement 7 years ago. Observation is SIJ instability,muscular imbalance, R HX gluteus max.Gluteus max L not firing.Upon palpation of R iliopsoas and tva triggerpoints, there is not too much activity. Some activity in Rectus Femoris triggerpoints in groin area. I tried to do a pnf stretch of the iliopsoas, but he can only go to 90% with pain starting above the R patella.
Quadratus Lumborum TP's not very active either. I can't figure it out, he has been checked for visceral problems, but they couldn't find anything.Anyone any ideas,please let me know?