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6 years of groin pain, any ideas how to help?

Question: 6 years of groin pain, any ideas how to help?


6 years ago I tore both my Adductor Magnus tendons in both legs doing barbell bent over rows. The injury seemed to heal up really quickly and i was training again a few days after. I have had recurring problems however with squatting.

Since then I have done all the strength training, stretching I can to re-hab them both. I have also had Physiotherapy which included ultrasound. Which was unsuccessful. The Phsyio then wanted to refer me to a surgeon for tendon suturing, this I do not want as of yet as i still believe I can rehab this injury to both legs. I can weight train normally now apart from my favorite exercise which is Squats, if I try and do a full squat then i cant walk for 2 or 3 days due to the pain as the tendons hurt like hell. I can do partial squats just about, but I have to be very careful not to go below a certain angle for fear of engaging the tendons and re-injuring the area.

I am completely out of ideas now of what to do next, can anyone please help? Or know of anyone who can in the NorthWest area of the UK.

Thank you :)