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I have a pain in my heel that even the doctors dont know what it is, i need to find out what it is and fix it.

Question: I have a pain in my heel that even the doctors dont know what it is, i need to find out what it is and fix it.

Well first i got this from roller hockey not ice hockey as the cement is alot harder than the ice im presuming thats what caused this pain to come about. I had this pain before for about 1-2 years then it seemed to go away, not sure if it went away from a lot of foot baths or trying to use my LED red light therapy on it but it did come back this season of roller hockey.

Just standing in one spot my heel will get sore so im contanstly leaning on the other foot or just barely on the injured foot. Playing more roller hockey or ice hockey will make it a bit worse but not even close to if I were to do a little running or walk a lot during that day the next morning will alwasy be a killer. The pain is in my right foot at the heel but not under the heel it more so on a 45 degree anlge from the outside of the foot, just as if you were about to roll your ankle. If i kinda roll my ankle and put pressure it hurts really bad and on some days can accually make me tear up thats how bad it really hurts. The pain seems to feel like its about 1/2 and inch onside the foot on the angle not like really deep (who knows though that was it feels like but maybe it is way on the inside). Ive had an x-ray and CT scan done on my foot and the x-ray showed a tiny heel spur but the doc told me that it was so small that i probably shouldnt be feeling that and besides the pain should be on the bottom side of the foot. So the CT scan was to see if there was any bone blisters or anything like that but nothing was found.

So here i stand or at least trying to stand and my pain is not goin away i have tried more foot baths and a bit of that light therapy and its hasnt done much at all if anything at all. If any one has any idea of how to make this pain go away or what this might be please tell me what i can do thank you.


i have had similar pain in my heel. You deff. need to see a podiatrist. I had heel pain an noone could figure out what it was until i went into the podiatrists office. it turns out i had calcanel brusitis....and judging by the heel spurr they found, there is a HUGE chance you have a brusa sack under the heel spur that is inflamed. The brusa sack acts as a buffer between the heel spur, and with that spur poking it all the time, it becomes inflamed. Brusitis wont show up on an xray either... Icing your foot really helps, as do orthotics...however orthotics can be very expensive. The best way out is a cortizone injection into the brusa. Many doctors/podiatrists will try to avoid this and have you treat it conservativley for months, however that takes way to long and may not even work at all. An injection will knock out the inflamation...however it will not fix the still have a spur and unless you get it surgically removed-its always gonna be there and chances are the brusa will get inflamed once again. Orthotics will correct the movement of your foot and greatly aleviate what the spur is doing. I AM NOT A PODIATRIST. I AM NOT A DOCTOR. however i am a very serious collegiate runner who has had dealt with calcaneal brusitis, and upon hearing what you had to say, that is what your problem sounds like. As said before, GO TO A PODIATRIST. have him check for brusitis, and ask if you can get a shot and fit you for orthotics. If they try to tell you to treat it conservatly explain that you have had this for 2 you said. I hope this helps.


I play soccer recreationally and had intense heel pain as well as weak ankles. The following completely eliminated the heal pain and eliminated ankle sprains for me. It took a number of months to work, however.

I posted a similar response to someone who had ankle sprain problems. The exercises for heal pain in order of importance for me were:

1. Balance on one leg on a soft surface such as plastic disc pillows that they sell at fitness stores for this purpose. I use disc-o-sit. Start standing in a doorway for support. Do 1 minute
per leg. You only need to do a few minutes total on each leg per day. Over time progres to doing it with your eyes closed.

2. Strengthen your foot arches. If you have high strong arches this may not apply to you. The technique is hard to describe. A recent issue of sports injury bulletin briefly described the technique. Here is a link to the original paper describing the technique in more detail.
For someone with low weak arches, this works miracles.
It eliminated my need to wear orthotics which

I wore for years and which I believe weakened my ankles.

3. Calf stretches. Very, Very important.

4. Heel lower exercises. Technique is explained in a prior sports in sports injury newsletter issue. Basically rise up onto ball of your feet and lower heel slowly. It is very important to lower the heel back down slowly.

5. exercises on one leg. For example, I do dumbell curls, bent over rows,
shoulder presses on one leg. I do one legged squats with dumbells, etc.

These exercises will prevent other kinds of injuries as well such as knee sprains,


Followup answer.

I also wore orthotics for years. The foot arch strenghtening exercises I mentioned eliminated my need to wear them anymore. The orthotics were actually determintal for me as they substantially atrophied the muscles of my feet and lower leg. I personally do not recommend them as a long time wearer. However, if you do wear them then it is critical that you strengthen your foot arches to counteract the weakening effect of the orthotics.


I think Achilles tendon repair is one of the options to reduce this pain. This is pain is commonly found in Athletes who do vigorous practice. this Article is useful for further information on this pain. Good luck!

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I also had intense heel pain as well as weak ankles. All suggested different ways of elimination, But no way. Then i started some exercises, They helped me a lot, now i believe on exercises and suggest to all.


I too agree exercises will help you but you must take into consideration also on how much your body can take not to over do things.