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Unknown Bilateral groin pain/injury

Question: Unknown Bilateral groin pain/injury

From Mid May 2007 to about June 2008 I was unable to jog due to a right groin injury(right after jogging it felt like a pulled a groin muscle/tight). I was told by a chiropractor that my lower lumbar vertebrae and hip bones were twisted around so that it effectively made my right leg shorter than the left and probably caused the injury.
A few days ago, I just turned, not too quickly, and I felt a little pull from that area again: just lateral to the femoral artery in the groin crease, 1-2 inches(or so) below the lymph nodes, about the size of a quarter, about 2 inches below my waist. I did my usual jogging(not far or much) and weights for the next couple of sessions hoping that would warm-up and loosen-up this muscle. It did not. It was aggravated a bit, but not all that much. A couple of days later, walking caused pain from that area straight up and down(above waist and just a bit below area). Going up and down stairs didn't seem to bother it, just walking on level ground. I also, on-and-off, felt a twinge of pain go up into my mid abs, same side/right, just off center of the rectus abdominis. The next day, I woke up and the left side was hurting and did the same thing with walking. Now, both have tapered off, but still remain in those approximate areas and sizes(just a quarter or so), the left being more present than the right.
Last year I had a ultrasound, MRI, and nothing came up. Nothing came up during multiple hernia exams. The only things out of the ordinary in the past couple of weeks were moving an air conditioner around(no pain afterwards or during), and changing up some abdominal exercises(slow flexion exercises raising shoulders off the ground just enough to tighten abs, but not so much leg muscles).
If it was just the right side, then I would say this is just from that original injury, but I've been told bilateral pain is the sign of some other underlying cause.
I've seen a chiropractor again, recenlty, and she thinks it may be due to tight abdominal muscles near the pubis. Any insights would be appreciated.
Thank you for your time.