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Does a trapped nerve give constant pain?

Question: Does a trapped nerve give constant pain?

This started a few days ago. It may be related
to playing golf but I cannot be positive, as it
started as a niggle and developed into a
full blown pain.

Left Leg/hip joint

There is no pain when sitting or lying down.

As soon as I stand, or put pressure on the leg,
the pain develops in the leg/hip joint and thigh.

The pain is bad enough to make walking very difficult,
and slow ;-)

It is much worse when I try walking backwards.

The pain in the thigh may be because I am trying to
protect the hip, and therefore causing un-natural
movement/restrictions in the thigh muscle.

There is NO swelling, No bruising, or any visible signs.

I am quite used to most sports injuries, having played
most sports all my life, and suffered with all the usual
strains, sprains, breaks, fractures etc etc

Any ideas, or advice would be much appreciated.




Did you find out what the problem was? I have had the same problem for the last 2 weeks - someone said it muight be a trapped nerve. I can't decide whether to go to Drs or see if it works it's way out.