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What is going on? Plantar Fascitis kills me!

Question: What is going on? Plantar Fascitis kills me!

37 y/o male, 5'9", 195lbs. I play soccer on sundays. Suffering with PF.
Take Anti inflamatorys twice a day.
Wear custom Orthotics ALL DAY.
Never walk bare foot or wear sandals.
Cortiszone injuctions twice each foot.
Wear great running shoes all day with orthotics.
Stretch my legs and PF three times a day.

My problem and question,...I do/have done everything my 2 docs have told me to do. But when I warm up before practice or a match,..I feel GREAT! During the work week,..I feel GREAT! Everthing is perfect, no pain,....BUT as soon as I SPRINT,..argh!,..I'm in severe pain again! WHY!WHY? I spend a whole hour on the field stretching and "gradually" warming up,.then when i sprint,.it's over!

Any ideas?

Thanks so much


Are you doing any multi-planar movements, as in stepping up and down, split squats, one leg reaching lunges? In daily life, we need to train movements, and in doing so it will strengthen the muscles as well as stretch the opposing muscles. I do know that it takes stretching the calf muscle to make Plantar Fasciitis to go away, but with working your soft tissue , " Myofascial Release", prior to stretching and warming up,is very important.Do this by using a foam roll or tennis ball on your calve muscle, you can break down the scar tissue quickly. Your calve muscle is probably tight, along with the sole-us. My clients have had luck using a tennis ball on the bottom of the foot as well. Using both, just hold with moderate pressure until you feel the pain subside, 30-60 sec. and move on to the next area. Don't be shocked to uncover many other trigger points you didn't know about. Go ahead and roll those as well. You will notice that your tennis mobility improves because your muscles have gotten the "poor man's massage"!!
Good Luck
I hope what little information I have given you has helped.


i believe the pain is at the medial part of your heel.i think you should try manual therapy and the night boot splint.


I have a hunch that I know what is going on. Do you sprint on a track? Does it matter if you sprint on a track? I have some questions I need to ask. So, if you are still interested in a solution, please email me at


Sherry McLaughlin, MSPT, OCS, CSCS
The Michigan Institute for Human Performance