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Achilles tendon Nodule How long is recovery and will it require surgery

Question: Achilles tendon Nodule How long is recovery and will it require surgery

Just looking some advice on Achilles injury I picked up 4 months ago,
Which has caused lots of early discomfort, With lots of Physiotherapy it has removed most of the scar tissue, but I still have a small lump( size small pea) that has developed on the Achilles 2 cm above the heal, Today it is still there Probably a little smaller but (very evident first thing in the morning) but after some Stretching and eccentric exercises I am doing it disappears slightly Leaving Small signs of scaring AFTER A NUMBER HOURS THE LUMP WIL RE APPEAR

I have now been told not to worry about the lump as it will go away after time,
I have been told to carry on Eccentric Program etc for next 12 weeks

I have tried to be brief with information but please let me know your Thoughts


Try Prolo Theropy. Worked great for me. Before prolo theropy, wore a wallking boot and PT - help for only a short time then came back.



Do you have any news of the injury? Because it seems i have the same injury. Small nodule on my tendon that almost disappears after walking for 5 min but as the moment i lay down on a bed or on a lazyboy... it comes back. If i run or ride... the day after i can't walk without pain.
When i do stretching the day after it very painful...

I don't know anything about Prolo Theropy... I've try 'Shock Wave Treatment' without success.

Any solutions?


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