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I think I have compartment syndrome

Question: I think I have compartment syndrome

I have a weak medial collateral ligament and i have ptrained it on about 4 occassions the latest bieng about sometime last year and thanks to some intensive physiotherapy I have not encountered any problems until now. I used to do athletics, short distance sprints, but i decided to quit this year and I have done very little sport this year and now i have gotten into social road running, i have had the following symptoms for the past few months and dont know what to do??????/:

numbness and tightness
pins and needles
pain and aches
all this happens when I have run only a short distance I literally feel like i am dragging my lower leg as dead weight!!!!!


Yes, this does sound like it could be compartment syndrome and you should go to your doctor to get it checked. There is a test they can do that measures the pressure in your compartments at rest and during exercise, and this will confirm whether it is compartment syndrome.


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