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Forearm injury from curls?

Question: Forearm injury from curls?

Hello, I have a problem with both of my forearms that seems to stem from curling (preacher and free weights both). From what I can tell, it's my brachioradialis or supinator. Every time I attempt to curl, there's a pulling sensation akin to shin splints, but in my forearms. I've had suggested to me that perhaps my forearms are undertrained for the weight that I'm lifting. Is this accurate?


The part of the arm you are talking about is the part which contains the wrist flexor muscles, i.e the muscles that curl the wrist toward the forearm. Pain in this area is a common condition and there are numerous possible causes. Some of the most common include curling with too much weight, performing too many sets and/or too many exercises stressing the same body part in the same session. It may simply be a question of technique however. In the medium term, try to make sure your wrists stay in a neutral position as you curl, i.e not extended or flexed. Make sure you are curling either with a proper curling bar, or even better dumbells.

In the short term you will need a period of rest from that particular exercise, and may also benefit from some deep tissue massage to the area.

From what you describe there is no suggestion of any nerve entrapment/involvement.

Good luck.

Phil McGucken
Newton Osteopathy
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Hi there.

I am an Australian Kinesiologist/sports therapist

You seem to have a spinal subluxation at C7-T1 level. The nerve that exits the spine at that level controls the lower arms, wrist, hands, fingers and esophagus. Massage on the spinuous process and on the lateral processes at this level will bring some relief. Drinking more water will prevent the muscles of the shoulder (upper trapezius) tightening up again. Massage the neuro-lymphatic massage points between the 2nd and 3rd ribs next to the sternum will also be beneficial.
If all else fails have this section realigned by a competent Chiropractor.
A good one will be able to do this in one treatment.

Good luck



Hello. I've followed the request at the top of the Injury Section and have provided much more comprehensive information than I previously did. I sure would appreciate it if you kind souls could take a look at my situation and offer any advice you can.

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