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Minor injury that hasn't recovered after a year

Question: Minor injury that hasn't recovered after a year

I've been training in Taekwondo for a while now and last year I developed a pain in my groin area that is aggrivated every time I perform kicks above the waist. It also hurts when I stretch towards the splits position and ocassionally aggrivated when I get out of bed or our of a car. Basically whenever I have to open my legs outwards.
Its not a crippling pain but for such a small injury I'm suprised it hasn't gone away after a whole year. I've seen an osteopath and a regular NHS physiotherapist but neither could pinpoint exactly where it is or what is causing the pain. Assuming its a repetative strain injury I've been given exercises to make the muscles on the inside of my legs stronger. However, despite this and going easy during training it hasn't made any difference since last year and I'm worried it maybe a permanent injury.
What I want to know is have their been previous cases where small injuries like this have become permanent and ended peoples martial arts careers?
I can't really afford a private sports therapist which is why I'm relying on the NHS. Are there any specialists that might be able to clarify whats wrong and what I need to do about it?


While I'm not an expert in this particular area, from experience with other injuries I would suggest that if it hasn't gone away after a year, and you have done your best to avoid aggravating it, it isn't going to go away of its own accord. In effect, you've had treatment before diagnosis, which is the wrong way round. I would suggest that you almost certainly need an MRI scan, carried out by a specialist, to see what is actually wrong. The NHS tend to brush these things off as being of little importance, and I had a serious shoulder problem missed completely by a consultant radiologist. Is there a sports injury clinic near you? An initial meeting probably won't cost anything, and they will probably be able to point you in the right direction to get a full diagnosis. They usually know the best person to deal with a problem.