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Hamstring injuries

Tyson Gay injury

Tyson Gay will compete at the Olympics after recovering from hamstring injury

One of the favourites for 100 metres gold at the Beijing Olympics, Tyson Gay, is expected to be fit to compete at the games despite recently pulling up with a hamstring injury.

However, Gay won't get the chance to run competetively before the Olympics as he continues his hamstring rehabilitation.

Hamstring injuries

Hamstring injuries are common in all running events but particularly sprinting and the 100 metres where athletes push their bodies and their hamstrings to the absolute limit.

Tight hamstrings or pulled hamstrings require rest to repair the damage done, meaning Tyson Gay has already lost valuable training time in the run up to the Olympics.

Check out Tyson Gay breaking the world record for the 100 metres (wind assisted) in the video below:


Hamstring injuries