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Waist injury

Ryan Fabriga injury

Philippine diver Ryan Fabriga might not complete his Beijing Olympics dream because of a waist injury

Ryan Fabriga has admitted a waist injury he picked up in training is likely to hamper his performance in Beijing, meaning he might well have to pull out before the competetion is over.

Fabriga is widely regarded as an emerging talent in the world of diving and the Beijing Olympics is expected to help him develop further.

Waist injuries

Waist injuries aren't very common in the world of sports but if any athlete is likely to pick them up, it's a diver. The bending and pivoting required to perform at such a high level can put tremendous strain on the waist leading to injuries.

A professional diver like Ryan Fabriga will dive a number of times whilst training for the Olympics, constantly working his waist and this continued strain is likely to have caused the injury.

Check out some diving action from the last Olympics in the video below:



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