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Strained rotator cuff

Paul Hamm injury

Hamm to miss Olympics in Beijing with a rotator cuff injury

American gymnast Paul Hamm has been withdrawn from the US Olympic squad after picking up a strained rotator cuff.

Hamm, the current Olympic champion, was already recovering from a broken right hand but in his attempts to accelerate his recovery, he has strained his left rotator cuff.

Strained rotator cuff

The muscles that make up the rotator cuff stabilise the shoulder. They can become strained or injured by putting too much pressure on the shoulders or by rapidly moving the arm back and forward.

American Football players, particularly quarterbacks, are susceptible to rotator cuff injuries, as are athletes from baseball, tennis and other sports that require rapid arm movement.

A gymnast such as Paul Hamm will put tremendous strain on his rotator cuff in trying to raise himself up and constantly support his body weight.

Check out Paul Hamm in action at the last Olympics in the video below:


Strained rotator cuff