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Thigh and groin injuries

Mizuki Noguchi injury

Defending Olympic marathon champion pulls out of Beijing games because of thigh and groin injuries

Japanese Olympic champion Mizuki Noguchi has withdrawn from the marathon in Beijing, citing thigh and groin injuries as the reason.

Noguchi, who was aiming to be the first woman in history to win back-to-back Olympic marathons, has been dogged with injuries since winning gold at Athens in 2004 but was cleared to compete in Beijing after a series of tests before this latest setback.

Thigh and groin injuries

Marathon runners like Mizuki Noguchi are highly susceptible to lower limb injuries such as thigh pulls and groin strain.

Unless fully recovered, it is likely that Noguchi would have done further damage by competing. The injuries would also have seriously hampered her performace as the race progressed, meaning it is unlikely she would have claimed the second straight Olympic gold she was hoping for.

Watch Mizuki Noguchi claim gold in Athens in the video below:

Mizuki Noguchi thigh and groin injuries

Thigh and groin injuries