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Knee injury

Lindsay Davenport injury

Lindsay Davenport withdraws from Olympics with knee injury

Former Olympic tennis champion, Lindsay Davenport has pulled out of the female singles competition in Beijing after aggravating a knee injury.

Davenport, who won gold at the 1996 Olympics, picked up the knee injury prior to Wimbledon forcing her to pull out after the first round.

The US team had hoped Davenport could compete in Beijing but the former champion doesn't feel able to cope with the rigours of the singles tournament. However, she does hope to be fit enough to play in the mixed doubles competition.

Knee injuries

The high levels of running, twisting and bending required to play tennis at the highest level puts tremendous strain on the knee. Tennis players are always at risk of knee injuries and will often find it hard to return to their best, if they suffer serious knee damage.

Watch Lindsay Davenport in action in the video below:


Knee injury