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Abductor muscle injury

Kelly Sotherton abductor muscle injury

Kelly Sotherton believes she will be fully fit for Beijing despite an abductor muscle injury

British heptathletes Kelly Sotherton is recovering from what she describes as a 'niggle' in the abductor muscle at the top of her right leg.

Sotherton took bronze at the last Olympic games but is hoping she will be able to perform at her best in Beijing and bring home the gold for Britain.

Abductor muscle injuries

The abductor muscles main function is to abduct or separate your legs away from the midline of the body. By overstretching the abductors or losing balance they can get pulled, twisted or ripped leading to injury problems.

Kelly Sotherton picked up her abductor muscle injury during the hurdles event of the Heptathlon. This isn't surprising given the important role that the abductors play in this event where athletes use their aductors to spring and extend their legs over the hurdles.

See how Kelly Sotherton picked up her abductor injury - watch the video below:



Abductor muscle injury

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