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Hamstring injuries

John Steffensen injury

John Steffensen withdraws from the Olympics 400m because of injury

Australian John Steffensen has pulled out of the 400m in Beijing because of ongoing hamstring injuries.

The current Commonwealth champion does still hope to take part at the Olympics by being part of the 4x400m relay team.

Hamstring injuries

The 400 metres requires athletes to sprint for the duration of the race, which can put tremendous strain on all of the leg muscles and is always likely to cause injuries like pulled or torn hamstrings.

400m runners like John Steffensen frequently experience hamstring pain because of the rapid acceleration required off the start line.

Because hamstring injuries require rest, it means athletes can fall behind in their training programme which is exactly what has happened to John Steffensen.

Watch John Steffensen in 400m action in the video below:


Hamstring injuries