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Knee injury

Jelena Jankovic injury

Jelena Jankovic will take part in Olympics after overcoming knee injury

Female tennis star Jelena Jankovic has managed to get herself fit in time for the Beijing Olympics, despite being told she wouldn't have time to do so.

Jankovic, who is set to be announced as world number one during the Olympics, was told by doctors she would need at least two months to recover from a knee cartilage problem but has returned in half that time.

Knee cartilage injuries

Jelena Jankovic has been lucky in that she has managed to avoid surgery on her knee, meaning this is a less serious knee cartilage problem.

For minor knee cartilage injuries, taking the weight off the knee and resting will normally be enough to repair the damage. Physiotherapy and flexibility exercises can also aid recovery and get an athlete back in training sooner than expected.

Tennis players are particularly susceptible to knee injuries because of the rapid changes of direction and bending required to make different shots.

Watch Jelena Jankovic in action in the video below:


Knee injury