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Thigh muscle injuries

Christian Olsson thigh muscle injury

Current Olympic triple jump champion Christian Olson has been forced out of the Beijing games because of a pulled thigh muscle.

The 28-year-old Swede picked up a muscle injury in the back of his thigh whilst competing at the DN Galan event in Stockholm and won't recover in time to compete in the summer games.

Pulled thigh muscle

A pulled thigh muscle is like any other muscle injury and normally occurs because an athlete hasn't undetaken enough stretching prior to training or competition.

A triple jumper like Christian Olson will put a high level of strain on their thigh muscles both in the approach when running, the set and the final jump meaning thigh injuries are always likely to occur.


A pulled thigh muscle requires immediate rest and ice to reduce swelling. Strapping and physiotherapy might also be required to aid an athlete's recovery.

Check out Christian Olsson in action below.


Thigh muscle injuries