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Torn calf muscle

Chris Tomlinson injury

Chris Tomlinson struggling to be fit for Beijing Olympics after picking up a calf injury

British long jump hopeful Chris Tomlinson has suffered a torn calf muscle and is a genuine doubt for the Beijing Olympics.

Tomlinson landed awkwardly at his last event in Britain and immediately felt pain, which was later diagnosed as a torn calf muscle.

Torn calf muscle

The calf muscle can easily become pulled or torn when an athlete is competing in a sport which requires them to run and jump.

A long jumper like Chris Tomlinson will put a tremendous amount of strain on his calves every time he competes. The rapid acceleration that is required on the approach, combined with the pressure put on the calves when jumping, makes calf injuries a common long jump injury.

See Chris Tomlinson talking about his chances in Beijing (before his injury) in the video below:


Torn calf muscle