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Ankle injury

Chellsie Memmel injury

Chellsie Memmel suffers ankle injury in run up to Beijing Olympics

US gymnast Chellsie Memmel is at risk of missing the Beijing Olympics with an ankle injury.

In 2005, Memmel became the world all-round champion and was expected to figure highly for the US team in Beijing.

Despite her injury, Memmel is still hopeful of taking part even if she is limited to the uneven bars.

Ankle injuries

Ankle injuries and gymnastics go hand in hand because of the nature of the sport, so Chellsie Memmel will know exactly what her rehabilitation is likely to involve.

Gymnastics requires lots of running and jumping which inevitably leads to sprained or twisted ankles along with other similar injuries.

See Chellsie Memmel at the 2008 Olympic trials in the video below:



Chellsie Memmel ankle injury

Ankle injury