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Knee injury

Cadel Evans injury

Tour de France runner up Cadel Evans withdraws from Beijing time trials with a knee injury

Australian cyclist Cadel Evans has been forced to withdraw from the time trials event at the Beijing Olympics after he slipped over on a wet floor and suffered a small knee injury.

The runner up in the 2008 Tour de France will however still try to compete for the Australian team in the road race and hopes his swollen knee will have recovered significantly by that time.

He commented, "I recognised I might not be at my absolute best in the race against the clock but I can still make a significant contribution to the team effort for the road race. I'll be training and getting treatment over the next few days to confirm my participation by Monday, but I will not take a place in Beijing if everything doesn't go according to plan."

Swollen knee

There are a number of possible explanations as to why Cadel Evan's knee has swollen up after slipping over. However, it is likely he is suffering from haemarthrosis which simply means, blood in the knee. 

With many impact knee injuries there is normally some damage to the internal structures that make up the knee joint forcing blood to rush to the knee cavity, which causes swelling. Cadel Evan's injury rehabilitation time will vary depending on the success of his treatment.

Check out the profile of Cadel Evans in the video below:


Cadel Evans knee injury

Knee injury