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Yoga injuries

Yoga injuries

Yoga injuries are more common than most people would probably imagine. After all, when an athlete is stretching and extending their joints and muscles they can be at the highest risk of injury.

Yoga is designed to help improve flexibility and avoid future injuries - and if done correctly, it does exactly that. However, poor Yoga techniques and overstretching can actually cause serious injuries.

Common yoga injuries include acute back pain and neck injuries as well as spinal damage. However, muscle pulls and tears in all areas of the body are possible because of the movements involved with yoga.

To avoid yoga injuries, athletes should ensure they carry out the correct preparation and stop at the first sign of discomfort. It’s also advisable to seek advice on technique to ensure the complicated yoga exercises are carried out correctly.

Yoga is often recommended by doctors and physiotherapists for athletes who are recovering from injuries. However, it’s imperative that you let your yoga instructor know of existing injuries so they can properly advise you on the exercises to avoid.

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Yoga injuries