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Wrist injuries

Wrist injuries are most common in racket sports like tennis and squash but also effect athletes in many other sports.

With racket sports, the wrist is always in use and therefore injuries are much more frequent and can be the result of overuse or a sudden movement.

In sports like football and basketball, wrist sprains occur when an athlete falls over awkwardly or comes into contact with another player.

To treat injuries like wrist tendinitis, ice and rest will normally do the trick and the flexibility in the joint should be built up gradually over a period of time.

More serious wrist injuries might require strapping and the attention of a doctor to determine the best course of action. Painkillers can often be taken to reduce the immediate discomfort.

Surgery is rarely required to fix wrist injuries, but in the most severe cases ligament damage might require an athlete to go under the knife.

To prevent wrist injuries many athletes wear straps and guards to offer support and lessen the chance of sprains and strains.

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