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Wrestling injuries

Wrestling injuries

Wrestling injuries are incredibly common because of the aggressive nature of the sport. As well as many overuse injuries, wrestlers also pick up impact injuries from contact with their opponent and landing hard on the mat.

The most common types of wrestling injuries are knee injuries and shoulder injuries. Shoulder injuries like rotator cuff tendinitis are common because of the persistent strain that grappling for position can cause. Wrestlers often get jarred knees from planting their feet down hard to maintain balance and gain the upper hand.

To avoid wrestling injuries an athlete should always ensure they have an experienced coach. A good coach will make sure that a wrestler has good technique, doesn’t overtrain and understands the importance of a long and thorough warm up.

Wrestlers should always use protective equipment and never compete without a mouthguard and headgear. It’s also important to ensure the mats provide the right level of padding and support.

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Wrestling injuries