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weight training injuries

Weight training injuries

Weight training injuries are often muscular injuries that result from an athlete pushing themselves too hard to go further with what they can lift.

The injuries associated with weight training obviously involve the whole body as the point is to strengthen and tone each area of a person’s physique.

Unfortunately, many weight trainers work too hard on one part of their body and this imbalance can lead to injuries. For instance, weight trainers that spend a lot of time working on their chest and arm muscles but little time on their legs will often find they pick up lower body injuries. This is because their legs can’t take the stress and maintain balance even though the arms and shoulders can manage the load.

Another reason for weight training injuries is poor technique. Many professionals will point to this when it comes to amateur trainers. Incorrect technique can lead to pulled or torn muscles as a result of overstretching or twisting quickly. When lifting heavy weights, these things become serious problems and can cause severe injuries.

Weight training involves gradually building up to heavier weights but some athletes will try and improve quicker by pushing themselves to lift more than they can properly manage. Lifting weights that are too heavy is a sure fire way to increase an athlete's risk of injury.

To avoid weight training injuries an athlete should warm up and stretch properly prior to lifting anything. It’s also imperative not to over train and take adequate rest and recuperation so the body can recover and muscle fibres can strengthen.

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weight training injuries