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Volleyball injuries

Volleyball injuries

Volleyball injuries occur frequently because of the jumping, changes of direction and stretching involved with the sport.

Common volleyball injuries include ankle sprains, back injuries and patella tendinitis, which is also known as jumper's knee. There are many other injuries associated with volleyball, despite it being a non-contact sport.

Athletes can expect to pick up both traumatic and overuse injuries when playing volleyball. The traumatic injuries like ankle sprains often occur when an athlete lands awkwardly after jumping to meet the ball. Overuse injuries like wrist tendinitis build up over time when an athlete is continuing to train and compete, hoping the problem will go away.

To avoid volleyball injuries, an athlete should ensure they carry out a long warm up and stretch thoroughly all over before both training and competition. Athletes should also avoid overtraining to ensure they don’t pick up overuse injuries.

Volleyball players should ensure they always stay properly hydrated to avoid serious fatigue which can lead to many different injuries.

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Volleyball injuries