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Ultra endurance injuries

Ultra endurance injuries

Ultra endurance injuries occur when athletes push themselves to the physical limit. Nearly all ultra endurance injuries are overuse injuries where an athlete has put excessive strain on their muscles and joints, through overtraining and not taking adequate rest.

Common ultra endurance running injuries such as Achilles tendinitis, shin splints, plantar fasciitis and knee ligament damage can all arise when an athlete's body becomes tired and overworked.

Ultra endurance injuries can stem from an athlete training on uneven surfaces where they’re running off balance and putting significant strain on one particular part of their leg. It can also be the result of them trying to push themselves too hard, too quickly. Slowly building up to peak performance is much better than overtraining and risking serious injury.

To avoid ultra endurance injuries an athlete should always warm up in the correct manner. This means stretching thoroughly and ensuring the muscles and joints are at their most flexible. Strengthening exercises should also be done on the muscles and joints in the leg that are most at risk of ultra endurance injuries.

We have much more information on ultra endurance injuries listed below with lots of useful help and advice.

Ultra endurance injuries