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triathlon injuries

Triathlon injuries

The triathlon is a gruelling event that is always likely to cause injury not only in the event itself but in the hard training leading up to it.

There are so many potential triathlon injuries because of the massive strain athletes put their body under, always looking to push themselves to the limit.

Athletes can expect lower leg injuries to be common when training or competing in a triathlon. They are what will carry you through each section of the event. Overuse injuries like Achilles tendinitis, calf strain and shin splints are just three things that could slow an athlete down.

Pulled and torn muscles are also a concern for Triathletes and good technique in all three disciplines is required to ensure they keep clear of these kinds of injuries.

Anyone looking to avoid triathlon injuries must ensure they do a good deal of training leading up to the event. Strengthening exercises are vital to ensure an athlete's body can cope with the demands of a triathlon. However, this has to be done in moderation as overtraining is another common cause of triathlon injury.

Warming up and stretching for a long period of time prior to the event is also absolutely vital to ensure the body is prepared for the intense workload.

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triathlon injuries